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To: Hon Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance

End all NZ Super Fund Investments in Intensive Winter Grazing

Urgently divest the millions of New Zealand taxpayer dollars currently invested in farms that practice ‘Intensive Winter Grazing’ and reinvest into ethical and sustainable industries.

Why is this important?

Our nation’s global reputation relies on a government that puts the health of its environment and people's wellbeing first.

Spending millions of dollars from the nation’s pension fund on farms that practice Intensive Winter Grazing is one of the most unethical choices the Superannuation investment fund has EVER made!

In contrast to traditional grazing, Intensive Winter Grazing restricts animals to small patches of land for long periods, which quickly turn into mud. This practice causes freshwater pollution, animal suffering and soil degradation.

Freshwater pollution: Nitrate leaches into our aquifers at over 10 times the rate of normal grazing, destroying groundwater for future use and remaining for hundreds of years. Phosphate- and pathogen-rich effluent runs off into streams, rivers, lakes and estuaries, making them un-swimmable, and killing ecosystems.

Animal suffering: The land these animals are grazed on turns to mud, which leaves animals with nowhere dry to rest and give birth. They often end up licking mud to get water.

Soil degradation: Intensive Winter Grazing destroys the soil and releases tonnes of stored carbon into the atmosphere, accelerating climate breakdown. This practice is heavily dependant on pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers which are causing severe decline in biodiversity and human health.

This is no way to be ‘investing for the next generation’.

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Email the minister responsible:

Hon Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance.
[email protected]
Tell him to;

Stop investing any of the New Zealand Super Fund into farms that are winter crop grazing, divest from any that continue, and find sustainable alternatives immediately!




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