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To: Tauranga City Council

Create community focussed green spaces

We call on the Council to set a policy that there is one food-productive tree per 10 metres minimum to provide shade and nutrition to people visiting the local parks.

This is about bringing communities together with nourishing spaces available for all to share.

Why is this important?

The cost of food is becoming unreachable for so many of our people. At the same time, our parks are not reaching their potential as safe community and family focused environments.

Food-producing plants need to be in public spaces for locals to harvest free nutritious food. Productive plants clean the air, provide much needed shade from our dangerous sun, and provide nutritious and delicious food for the people - included in existing standard rates.

We would need to provide education around when the food is ready to harvest, all that would take is a small sign beneath each tree with information.

People could take cuttings from the trees if they love the food it produces, and grow one in their own home garden.

Our Council needs to maintain green spaces anyway, so why not add some producing plants into our green spaces? Examples of producing plants are: fruit, nut and tea trees, seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers for pollinators.

Myself and the community would be happy to assist with design and implementation requirements.

Every park could provide local families with free picnicking food during their visit. Every sports field could provide players with nutritious half time snacks. Every neighbourhood street could be a walkway for 'grocery shopping'.

Let's grow edibles for strong community sharing and health focused consumption.

How it will be delivered

We will present the petition to the Mayor and council.


2023-03-23 11:29:42 +1300

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