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To: Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland

Save the Paturoa Kauri

2019: This 500 year old Kauri tree Awhi Awhi is still standing! Follow our Facebook community groups and to find out how to help our Kauri and urban forests.

I urge you to stop a healthy 500 year old Kauri tree and a 300 year old Rimu tree from being felled at 40 Paturoa Rd, Titirangi.

Why is this important?

At a time when our forest is losing Kauri trees to Kauri dieback disease, we need to do all we can to save the healthy trees to protect this endemic species. I am not anti-development, however, the developer could move the intended building and protect these trees.

The RMA was never designed to allow developers to be able to destroy trees that have significant ecological value. The RMA legislation has loopholes that will destroy our forests if change does not happen.



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