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To: Auckland Council and WaterCare

Stop the Poo-llution of Auckland’s urban waterways, beaches and coastal environment

We call on Auckland Council to make our beaches swimmable again!

Stop allowing sewage, and contaminated stormwater from roading into our urban waterways estuaries, harbours and beaches.

Set and enforcing treatment standards and conditions for sewage and stormwater discharges.

Why is this important?

There is poo on our beaches! Auckland's waterways and beaches are seriously polluted by stormwater regularly contaminated by sewage, trade waste, heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, and oils thanks to years of inaction by the council, and fear of rate rises.

We need urgent action so that New Zealanders can enjoy our urban waterways and beaches without fear of sickness or injury or swimming with poo and we protect our freshwater and marine organisms from pollution and destruction. We need action now, not in 10 years time. Give us back our beaches, estuaries, lagoons streams and rivers!

This campaign is about raising peoples’ awareness of what is going on under our feet with inadequate infrastructure to cope with climate change and the massive intensification of Tamaki Makaurau, the Auckland region.

So far there is almost a sole emphasis on rural areas and the problems intensive farming is causing to our rural waterways and lakes. This is really important. but so is the disgraceful state of many urban waterways and beaches where people are now regularly being told they cannot swim.

These problems have been neglected and overlooked for too long. This is not the Aotearoa NZ we want our children to grow up in. We have to act now for our own planet's survival, our fresh water and marine life marine, and our children's futures.

No more sewage or contaminated stormwater in our backyards and beach environments. We need to work together to clean this up - Māori, Pakeha, diverse communities, churches, community organisations, environmental groups, businesses, political parties, schools, and individuals. Awhina mai!

The Detail: How safe are Auckland's beaches from pollution?

Nearly 40 Auckland beaches overwhelmed by faecal contamination, deemed unsafe for swimming

Auckland, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • our waterways and watter supplies are going to turn into sludge and we will be he next australia if this continues so pelase sign this and i'm urging you


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