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To: Phil Goff, Auckland Mayor

Uphold Te Tiriti and Protect Pūtiki Bay

🐧 We have ended this call to action to Auckland Council. For the latest updates follow our Facebook page at:

Send this message to call on key decision makers and Te Tiriti partners to uphold Te Tiriti, to visit and stand in solidarity with mana whenua, tangata whenua and Waiheke locals at Pūtiki. And to call an immediate and complete Stop Works on site at Pūtiki Bay, and call in and Review the resource consent wrongly granted for a marinea at Kennedy Point in 2017.

Why is this important?

Pūtiki is a taonga, a cultural repository, a wāhi tapu, a bay lined with pā sites on headlands, 500+ year old pohutukawa trees, a traditional kai moana gathering space. It is a landing site of Te Arawa and Tainui waka, therefore the ancestral waters of every Māori who whakapapa back to these waka. What do we stand to lose? 7.3 hectares; 8 football fields of ocean space within this taonga. This is the unprecedented ocean grab that our people are facing and resisting here at Pūtiki. We say kao to the spread of colonisation onto our moana against the desires of our Iwi and community. We say kao to the exclusion of Māori voice and mātauranga in order for resource consents to be pushed across the line which stand to build on top of the history of our people. To read more about both our kaupapa and the significance of Pūtiki Bay to not only all Māori, but also all New Zealanders, please refer to our petition, or alternatively, our Facebook page, our Instagram, or our twitter.

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Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

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