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To: Hon. David Parker, Environment Minister

We want a comprehensive bottle refund scheme for Aotearoa

Tell the Minister for the Environment, David Parker to support a comprehensive, all inclusive CRS; not a weak, watered-down scheme that won’t tackle our waste crisis.

Why is this important?

After years of campaigning from community groups, waste minimisation experts and councils and with the backing of the Environment Select Committee, we are the closest we have ever been to having a Container Return Scheme (CRS) implemented in NZ!

This scheme will have enormous benefits for our community, land and sea; higher recycling rates, more reuse, decrease in litter and green jobs for local people.

But we need it to be done right.

Right now, vested industry groups are trying to block a comprehensive CRS in New Zealand and have their products (such as glass) excluded.

Read more about our campaign on the Kiwi Bottle Drive website and check out the longer version of our open letter cosigned with other zero waste groups and like-minded organisations.



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We're running a bottle drive event in Wellington - check out the details here and bring your empty beverage containers to see how bottle deposits work!

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