To: NZ Parliament

Cut climate pollution from big dairy

I call on the NZ Parliament to cut climate pollution from big dairy by passing legislation to:

★ Phase out the use of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser
★ Stop the use of imported feed, like palm kernel expeller
🌱 Support farmers to shift to diverse, regenerative and organic farming
★ Halve the dairy herd by 2030

Why is this important?

To address the climate crisis, we must eliminate the sources of climate pollution that drive global warming, the climate crisis and the deadly storms, deluges and flooding it brings.

In New Zealand, Fonterra and the industrial dairy sector is the biggest source of climate-heating gasses.

Successive governments have allowed the dairy industry to escape any real regulation, while the rest of us, our homes and communities, and future generations, pay the price.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, we can have thriving rural communities where people make their livelihoods farming in a way that keeps our water, land, and climate safe and healthy, through more plant-based regenerative organic agriculture. But, to get there, we need government action now.

Join our call on the government to take real action to cut climate pollution from NZ's biggest polluter: industrial dairying.