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To: Waimate District Council and Environment Canterbury

Oppose the Waste-to-Energy incinerator in the Waimate District

We call on the Waimate District Council (WDC) and Environment Canterbury (ECan) to submit to the Environmental Protection Autority (EPA) against 'Project Kea', the proposal to build a huge polluting rubbish incinerator in the Waimate District.

Why is this important?

'Project Kea' is a Waste-to-Energy project that would incinerate large volumes of waste. If constructed the plant would truck in 365,000 tonnes of waste annually to burn and generate modest amounts of electricity.

Waste-to-Energy plants release dangerous chemicals and emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 'Project Kea' would produce the equivalent CO2 emissions to an extra 100,000 cars on the road each year. Toxins that come out the incinerator include dioxins, heavy metals and particulates which all pose a serious risk to human health.

🔥 Waste-to-Energy plants use vast amounts of resources to operate. 'Project Kea' would use 2.5 million litres of fresh water each day, 365 days a year, and burn in excess of 100,000 litres of diesel each year. Waste-to-Energy also still needs landfill space, as it requires the landfilling of large amounts of toxic ash.

Beyond that, the plant will build in the need to find and supply more waste to feed the beast. Constant demand incentivises the creation of more waste and discourages zero-waste efforts. This moves us away from a more circular economy, acting within the limits of the natural environment.

Waste-to-Energy is an outdated waste disposal method that countries in Europe are moving away from. The Waimate plant would be the first ever built in Aotearoa, but could pave the way for more.

South Island Resource Recovery Limited's (SIRRL) proposal to build 'Project Kea' will be decided in the Environment Court.

💚 This petition is a demonstration of our local support for our elected representatives to oppose 'Project Kea. If you also oppose false solutions such as Waste-to-Energy, and want a more circular economy, please sign!

Find out more about the problems with waste-to-energy:





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