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To: The New Zealand Government

Phase out the import and sale of cars that run on petrol and diesel.

We call on the NZ Government to phase out the import and sale of cars that run on petrol and diesel.

Why is this important?

Urgent action is needed as we face a climate emergency that threatens all life on Earth.

Globally, the continued global rise in sales of SUVs pushed their climate-heating emissions to almost 1bn tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2022, according to the International Energy Agency.

Here in Aotearoa, transport is responsible for 37 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions and is the second biggest climate polluter after agriculture.

In 2023 the gas-guzzling Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux were the top-selling vehicles.

Big SUVs are dangerous for other people on the road, particularly children, people on bikes and pedestrians, they impact people's health with more harmful pollution and they drive the climate crisis.

Transport emissions have to come down, but instead of relying on fuel price increases which are unworkable and unfair for lower-income families already suffering the cost of living crisis, the Government should take action to remove the worst vehicles from our roads.


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