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To: EPA Board of Inquiry

Open submission: Refuse Beach Energy Drilling Consent

We request you refuse Beach Energy of consents to drill for oil and gas and discharge harmful substances at Kupe field offshore of Taranaki.

(Photo credit: Drilling rig in the South Taranaki Bight, by Geoff Reid, 2019)

Why is this important?

Aotearoa is the global seabird capital and home to over half of the world’s marine mammal species. The South Taranaki Bight is a hot spot, hosting six endangered species, one vulnerable species and 18 other species of marine mammals with too little data to even assess. We also have a genetically distinct Blue whale population in the Bight. Kororā, the Little penguin sometimes travel here all the way from Marlborough Sounds to feed.

Fossil fuel mining threatens entire marine ecosystems and contributes to ocean acidification and deoxygenation. There are also risks to kai moana and other traditional food gathering on the coast. Drilling and discharging harmful substances in such an important area is irresponsible.

Beach Energy Resources NZ (Kupe) Limited has lodged applications with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for a marine consent and a marine discharge consent for activities associated with development drilling of up to two wells at the existing Kupe Wellhead Platform some 30km off Manaia, South Taranaki. Climate Justice Taranaki is making a submission to request the consents be declined.

🔥 Critically, we are in a climate emergency. Getting off fossil fuels is crucial. There is no excuse to drill for more oil or gas when the window for reducing emissions to minimise climate catastrophes is closing.

We need to reduce our energy demand fast and transition onto sustainable renewable energy instead. It is ludicrous that the current EEZ regulations do not allow the consideration of impacts on the climate from proposed activities.

We are requesting the EPA Board of Inquiry to refuse all of Beach Energy's consent applications associated with its planned drilling program at the Kupe field. Please join us.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition at the upcoming EPA public hearing.

In the meantime, please hop on the EPA website and tell them what you think:

You have until the 21st July to make a written submission.
As submitters, you'll also have the opportunity to speak at the Hearing, just tick "Yes I wish to be heard in support of my submission..." on the submission form.




2022-11-04 16:22:56 +1300

Kia ora supporters,
thank you again for speaking against further drilling by Beach Energy at the Kupe Platform off south Taranaki.
The Board of Inquiry which will determine the fate of Beach Energy's applications to the EPA has just announced the Hearing dates: 6-7 December, Devon Hotel, Ngāmotu New Plymouth.
Our team at Climate Justice Taranaki would love to be able to present a 3,000+ strong petition at the Hearing. We have just over a month to get another 368+ signatures. Will you help us? Talk to your friends and share our petition far and wide?
More details here:
Thank you again for your support.
Kia kaha, kia manawaroa tātou!

2022-07-21 12:50:06 +1200

Wow! Fantastic, we have now over 2,100 signatures! You have four hours till 5pm TODAY to write to the EPA. It can be as simple as a few clicks on their online form, stating your name and asking the applications to be REFUSED. Click "I wish to be heard..." at a hearing where you'd be able to speak and share your passion and rationale.
We will keep this petition running and present it at the hearing. Thank you for all your support.

2022-07-20 14:48:20 +1200

1,000 signatures reached

2022-07-19 17:05:14 +1200

500 signatures reached

2022-07-09 14:40:33 +1200

100 signatures reached

2022-07-09 12:31:54 +1200

50 signatures reached

2022-07-09 11:55:00 +1200

25 signatures reached

2022-07-09 11:35:45 +1200

10 signatures reached