Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Don’t burn our future: Stop the NZ biofuels obligation
    8 February 2023: Today the Prime Minister Chris Hipkins announced that the NZ Government has dropped its Biofuels Obligation Bill!
    3,122 Signatures
    Created by Jake Roos
  • Make Otautahi-Christchurch one-use plastic-bag free
    August 2018 Dear Changemakers Wahoo! bye bye (plastic) bag! No doubt you have heard the news that the Government is to ban one-use plastic bags. You had a hand in achieving this remarkable result. Take a bow! Yes, there’s still much we can and need to do (tackling other forms of plastic pollution and challenging the absurdity of our society’s ‘throw away’ mentality) but for now it’s time to pat ourselves on the back, wear a big smile and say ‘together, we did it’! Thanks everyone! Well done! Enjoy the moment!
    2,135 Signatures
    Created by Megan Blakie Picture
  • Save the Paturoa Kauri
    2019: This 500 year old Kauri tree Awhi Awhi is still standing! Follow our Facebook community groups and to find out how to help our Kauri and urban forests.
    28,005 Signatures
    Created by Toko Picture
  • Stop the aerial spraying of harmful herbicides in QE Park
    While aerial spraying is happening, the worst toxins are not used. We at Friends of QEII Park are working with GWRC to find alternatives to indiscriminate aerial spraying.
    1,097 Signatures
    Created by Peter Brooking Picture
  • Stand by your pledge to protect GM Free Regions
    2017: Thanks to everyone who showed their support on a hard fought campaign; there has been a partial win in respect of protection of GM Free zones, but that there is more work to do to shield the regions from Wellington imposing GMOs on their communities.
    1,933 Signatures
    Created by Soil & Health Association Picture
  • New Countdown, No Plastic
    Apr 2016: The new Countdown on Waiheke has promised to be plastic bag free! Great community work.
    1,035 Signatures
    Created by Jennifer Fountain Picture
  • Opoho “enviro” school put your words into action and stop burning coal!
    Sep 2021: Great news everyone! After four years of stakeholder pressure, our petition has helped make a difference. Opoho School is now coal-free. A modern and efficient wood chip boiler now replaces the previous climate-vandalising coal boiler. Thank you for taking the time to sign the petition and share your comments on why you did. Please be assured your actions were important to achieving our goal.
    123 Signatures
    Created by Ralph Adler Picture
  • Block the Offer - Continue to say no to deep sea oil drilling
    Oct 2015: The outcome of this campaign was absolutely incredible. Not only is the Christchurch City Council dedicated to blocking the offer and stopping deep sea oil drilling off the Canterbury coastline, they have shown interest in taking further action than only writing a submission. Having a huge backing strongly contributed to the opinions that were voiced at the council meeting, and overall had a massive influence on the Block the Offer campaign!
    823 Signatures
    Created by Bridget White Picture
  • Stop Hot Foot!
    2016: We won yay!
    79 Signatures
    Created by Ellen Ozarka Picture
  • Save Graham's Bush
    2017: The Tree Council has achieved a great result with a partial victory- the damage that will be done to the bush has been minimised! After years of community outrage, an appeal and most recently mediation with Auckland Council, The Tree Council are very impressed with the outcome. Securing a considerable extension to the proposed bridge crossing the gully from 28 to 40m span. This means that the abutments supporting the road bed will now be located at the edges of the gully rather than within it and only a very small number of mature trees will be directly affected. The small gully in South Auckland called Grahams Bush known as is a botanical gem, a real taonga, a fragment of the lowland podocarp-broadleaf forest that once covered the Manukau lowlands has been saved! The Tree Council would like to thank all those who donated money to support their case, fellow appeal parties, the Cheesman family and Auckland Transport for being willing to negotiate a much better ecological outcome for Graham’s Bush. Well done everyone!
    7,221 Signatures
    Created by Eve Osbourne Picture