Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Ban microbeads in New Zealand
    The Government are introducing a ban in June 2018. Well done everyone who supported this campaign!
    8,355 Signatures
    Created by Jake, Naomi, Briar, Sariya and Kaya Picture
  • We want a comprehensive bottle refund scheme for Aotearoa
    April 2022: The government has finally acted and a CRS has been proposed as part of wider recycling reforms and public consultation is happening now. The proposed scheme IS comprehensive as we asked: it includes all materials (glass, plastic, metal, liquid paperboard), and all beverage types. Now the focus of the campaign shifts: we need to make as many submissions to the government's proposal as possible by May 8. This will further encourage the government to implement a comprehensive, equitable, Tiriti-led scheme, that delivers maximum impact to the community and environment. Check out our template submission and have your say!
    4,913 Signatures
    Created by Kiwi Bottle Drive